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Strangers Project – “15 Strangers, 1 Canvas”

This project was a collaboration project between me and my friend and classmate, Beau Morris. We went down to long beach one sunny Wednesday afternoon with just my camera, a canvas, and some paint. As people passed by on the walk-way, we would ask them if they wanted to take a moment to be a part of our project. If they agreed, then we’d have them pick a color of paint and they’re only requirement was to connect, in any way they chose, two sides of the canvas. Afterwards, I would take a picture of them holding the canvas so as to see their contribution. In the spreads below, the dot on the opposite side of the spread is the color they contributed. Our hope is to make this into a physical, perfect-bound book soon.

Thank you to all those who were a part of this project.

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“Identity” Series

Hey everyone,
This is a recent series I did for a class project. The project was only to have a series of 20 images, but I came up with the direction I wanted to take it. Please read the artist statement below if you want to understand better my intent. Otherwise, enjoy and please leave a comment or share if you are feeling in the Christmas spirit. Thanks

         “For the first 17 years of my life, I probably tried harder to be like my somebody else than I tried for any other thing. However, there came a point, where I was tired of not claiming an identity of my own. But what identity should I claim? Eventually, I became more concerned about what I stood for than who I thought I was.
Sometimes we have the natural inclination to inhabit the spaces between light and shadow. So what is it that we allow to be illuminated in our lives? What defines us? With my work, I like to entertain the friction between identity and illumination. What do we allow to be shown and how does it reflect in our lives?”


Which Style Suits Your Style?

Guest post by: Jonathan Griffiths


As you probably know by now, planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort into making it perfect for you and everybody else. Many couples have their own views about which is more important for them, but I can assure you choosing the photographer is high up on the list. You want a professional photographer who knows what they are doing and how they do this, most importantly you want to know there style of capturing these precious moments.

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Save The Date And Keep Everyone Talking

Photo credit: "unruly things"

Photo credit: “Alyson” (flickr)

Guest Post by: Samantha Hunt

The purpose of your save the date is to give your guests advance notice of your event. Save the date is not the actual invitation, so it’s a bit more informal and gives you room for a whole lot of creativity. Best of all, with a great save the date notice, people start looking forward to your event.

Get ‘em Talking and Keep ‘em Talking

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5 Tips From A Maid of Honor On Finding A Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom stand before a wall of lattice and flowersGuest Post by: Morgan Gray

What does it mean to have the best wedding photographer? Well, I’ll tell you one thing for sure: just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they are the best. When I was asked to be my sister’s maid of honor, one of the most important duties I took on was helping her find the right photographer for her wedding. Check out these tips I’ve created for finding the best fit for you.

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