Hello and thanks for stopping by swing day trading strategies, my name is David Wahlman.

Although "photography" is what's in the name, David Wahlman Photography is actually a full-service production company handling everything from commercial and editorial photoshoots to promotional and documentary style video production. Although I'm based Los Angeles (which isn't exactly a hub of outdoor culture) I focus specifically on outdoor, adventure, and active lifestyle industries. One of my greatest joys is the opportunity to get outdoors, go on adventure, and make memories and if my photography and videography can inspire others to do the same, then it's a win in my book. 

Compared to even just a decade ago, the world and culture has altered our interaction with the outdoors drastically. We spend more time with our phones than building actual relationships and more time watching TV shows about the outdoors than actually getting out to witness it for ourself. If I'm being honest, I can sometimes be guilty of this (with awesome shows like Planet Earth, Wild Alaska, Blue Planet, Nat Geo, etc). However, the outdoors has always been a place of joy, solitude, memories, peace and beauty for me and so I keep returning to it and reminding myself of how much I need it my life. In an act to remind an apathetic culture of the value of the outdoors, I use the creative mediums of photography and videography to show them how much there is to see and what they're missing.


 Photography can have many outlets and uses (and I've tried many of them), but I focus my work in just a few areas; adventure photography, commercial photography, and editorial photography. Furthermore, as with all my services, it's focused on a specific swing trading is the best strategy industry. When I say commercial photography, I don't mean that I'll shoot ad campaigns for Vodka companies; it still needs to be within my realm of outdoor and active lifestyle.
Could that be for a coffee company that is branded around outdoors and a campfire? Absolutely! 
Could that be product photography of your company's new, down sleeping bag line? Absolutely!
Could that be documentary photos of an epic backpacking trip or international fishing trip? Absolutely!
Could that be commercial photography for your home appliance store?... No!

So long as your company or project pertains to outdoors and an active lifestyle, there are few limits to how my photography could be of service to you. Furthermore, don't assume that you have to have everything figured out from the get-go; I can act as a creative director and we can develop a concept together from start to finish.

Whatever stage of planning you're at, reach out below without obligation and let's talk about your photography needs


Ten years ago, it may not have made a difference, but these days, video is king. If you're not outputting quality videos on social media and your website doesn't have a company video or promo videos for your products or services, then you're missing out on the expectations of your target market. The video production I do can be any of those things and more.
It could be the promotional video for your folding kayak company.
It could be the documentary film of your trek across the US on foot.
It could be the video for your Kickstarter self-heating camping tent (for real though, that would be so cool!)

So long as your video project has to do with adventure, outdoors, the active life, recreational sports, etc. then count me in. As would be expected, I've invested thousands of dollars into not only being a well educated camera man, director of photography, and storyteller, but also into proper cameras, audio, lighting, and accessories to get the shots and story that make your video quality. I hold myself to high standards with my video production. Furthermore, don't presume that you need to have everything storyboarded and figured out before reaching out to me; I can act as a creative director and DP to create and collaborate on your project.

Regardless of what phase of planning you're in, reach out below without obligation and let's chat about your video production needs. 


Many people don't understand that you can't legally hire just anyone with a drone. Your mother's cousin's son-in-law that got a new drone for Christmas can't legally be paid by you to do any aerial photography or aerial video. Anything operating in the outdoor air (even if just 1 foot off the ground) is in Federal airspace. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has very strict laws on drones (and for good reason since that can be dangerous to people, locations, and planes). In order to be a drone operator that does commercial aerial photography and videography, that person needs to swing trading strategies go through process to get their UAS Pilot License. As a full-time professional service, I have fulfilled all proper requirements to be able to offer drone services. I've gotten my UAS Pilot certificate, I've registered my drone, I carry proper insurance, I follow proper procedure, and I practice as a drone pilot in free time.

Aerial photography and aerial videography doesn't tend to be a stand-alone service. I find that drone footage is more commonly a means to step up the game of your photo and video production. Mixing it in with your company promo video or being able to get the unique angle while on a commercial photo shoot gives you a competitive advantage.

Regardless of how you plan to use it, just know that I offer drone services with my photo and video production (or stand-alone) and you can reach out below without obligation to see how we can make your project and your company stand out just a little bit more. 


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LINK: *Ok, this one isn't actually a link, but I wanted to make a final statement to you.
I'm not a production company of 200 people with an assistant that answers all my emails. If you reach out by phone, email, or contact form, either way you'll talk to me... personally... David Wahlman. And just like you, I'm a human being; I laugh, I cry, I eat food, I binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix, I push myself to get outdoors more, and I run my business day in and day out. I'm not a telemarketer that's trying to trap you into contacting me. Feel free to contact me about anything at all, even if it's a 'dumb question' (which is a dumb thing in the first place) and I'll do my best to answer it to the best of my abilities.
From there, you have the choice to work with me or not; I won't twist your arm, I promise!