Wahlman Photography | Creative Portrait and Conceptual Photography in Orange County
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I’ve experimented in everything, but nothing has captured my attention nearly as much as creative portraiture and conceptual photography. Something about having a vision in mind, setting up my strobe units, and creating something beyond the traditional fascinates me more than any other genre of photography has.

One thing that I think is fading with our current generation is the gift of imagination. I’m still a kid at heart and it is my goal on every shoot to tap into that potential and walk away with something new and unique.


Well this should be kinda obvious; you are on my photography webpage


Whether it's small or big, spontaneous or planned, I love myself a good adventure! I long to live a life full of it!


Maybe not a master-tradesman, but I do love to tinker, build, fix, and be crafty. Mechanical to woodworking to cooking, I love it all!

COFFEE-ER (not a word)

Need I say more? Although I love coffee, the truth is I make my own and rarely go to coffee shops unless meeting with someone. Trust me, it's way cheaper!

My Work and Portfolio

Below are just a few categories of my work and exploration. These portfolios show my portraiture, but also include series such as “Dear Child” and “Here’s To Them”


I serve Buena Park, Fullerton, Brea, La Mirada, La Habra, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and all of Orange County if possible.

I have dreams to be able to continuously expand my reach of influence so that I can travel more and be able to still ‘work’ while traveling.